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Can't Cut List

  • A number of the best players in the game will be on this list throughout the season. When a player is on the list, he cannot be dropped under any circumstances.
  • This list will be updated when necessary (e.g. major injuries, changes in form) and will prevent managers at the bottom of the standings from changing the league dynamics by dropping their best players.
  • Note: The Can't Cut List is designed for leagues with 10 or more teams. It is not recommended for leagues with less than 10 teams.
Player Action
T. Adams CW - C  
T. Boak PA - C  
M. Bontempelli WB - C  
P. Cripps CA - C  
B. Crouch SK - C  
P. Dangerfield GE - C,F SUSP  
M. Duncan GE - C  
J. Dunkley WB - C,F  
N. Fyfe FR - C  
A. Gaff WC - C  
M. Gawn ME - R  
B. Grundy CW - R  
L. Hunter WB - C  
J. Kelly GWS - C  
R. Laird AD - B,C  
J. Lloyd SY - B  
J. Lyons BL - C  
J. Macrae WB - C  
Z. Merrett ES - C  
T. Mitchell HW - C  
L. Neale BL - C  
R. O'Brien AD - R  
C. Oliver ME - C  
L. Parker SY - C  
C. Petracca ME - C  
S. Sidebottom CW - C,F  
J. Steele SK - C  
T. Taranto GWS - C  
A. Treloar WB - C  
M. Walters FR - C,F  

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