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Game Help

Creating your Team

Once you're logged in you have to join a league. You have 3 options:

Create a Custom League

Create a league that only your friends can join or a league open to everybody. You can customise everything; Scoring Method, Lineup Size, League Rules, Draft Type and much more. Or you can use our default settings and get your league running in no time.

Throughout the league setup wizard there are handy tips explaining all the various functionality. If there's any settings your unsure of thats ok - you're able to change all settings even after you've created your league.

Browse for a Custom League

Join a league created by a friend or colleague, or find a publicly available custom league with settings that suit your style. If you're keen on trying a live draft this is a great place to search for open leagues with settings that suit your preferences.

Join a Public League

The quickest way to get into the action is to sign up for one of our Public Leagues. Simply click this option and you'll be placed in a league with other keen fantasy coaches. All public leagues use Ultimate Footy's standard settings.

All Public Leagues conduct an Autopick draft that occurs at Midnight AEST the day after the final team has joined the league. Autopick drafts are used in Public leagues to ensure that no coach is disadvantaged by not being availble for a certian draft time

Selecting a Team Name and Logo

Once you've joined a league it's possible to change your team name and club colours. Go to the My Team page and click the Edit Team link to make your desired changes.

Note that Ultimate Footy reserve the right to change any offensive team names without warning.

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