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Matchups and Finals

League Fixture

Each week you'll go head-to-head with someone else in your league. It works just like the real AFL. If you win, you get a W and your position in the ladder improves. Lose and you're probably moving down the ladder.

This continues until finals, where the final ladder positions determine who will compete for the ultimate prize in your league. Full details of finals formats are found below.

League Medal

After each match in your league, 3-2-1 votes are awarded at the end of each match to the most influential players on the field. For leagues that use a points-based scoring system this means the players with the highest scores for the round will be most likely to get maximum votes, with some extra weight given to players from the winning team.

In leagues using category based scoring the voting system is more complex, more weight is given to players who have had the biggest impact in getting their team get across the line in several categories.

Finals Formats

By default every Ultimate Footy league culminates with a finals series over the last 3 or 4 rounds of the AFL season. Even if you don't make the premiership finals in your league, your team will still fight it out in the consolation finals.

The structure of the finals is dependant on the amount of teams in your league.

Number of league teams Premiership Finals format Consolation Finals format
4 4 Team System None
6 6 Team System None
8 4 Team System 4 Team System
10 6 Team System 4 Team System
12 6 Team System 6 Team System
14 8 Team System 6 Team System
16 8 Team System 8 Team System
18 8 Team System 8 Team System

PLUS Formats

Features PLUS leagues have the option to customise the finals structure for their league, and also choose which rounds of the AFL season their finals are run over.

Finals Tiebreakers

In the event of a drawn finals match, the higher-ranked team on the ladder at the end of the season will be deemed the winner, moving through to the next stage.

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