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Position Changes

In Ultimate Footy it is possible for players to gain position eligibility over the course of the season. We like to keep things as realistic as possible so if something changes in real-life you'll see it here in the game too.

Since this may be a new concept to fantasy players we've listed answers to some of the more common questions below:

How often are player positions reviewed and changed?

Players are reviewed after Round 5, 11 and 17 to determine if they have been playing primarily in a position that they are not eligible for in Ultimate Footy. We follow the guidance of AFL Fantasy with regards to position changes and are based on offical player tracking data.

Any free agents that are awarded new position eligibility will be made a restricted free agent for a period of one day. This provides a more equitable opportunity for coaches to sign these players. Note that players will only be added to restricted free agents in leagues that have enabled restricted free agents.

Can players lose positions?

No. We will only ever add new positions, never remove them. This would disadvantage teams who draft players to fill a specific position.

What if our league doesn't want positions to change?

Not a problem. Although all public leagues will be subject to position changes, all private leagues have the ability to opt-out of changes. Your league manager can simply select "Lock Original Positions" on the Edit League Settings page at any time during the season.

Do players with changes get added to restricted free agents to give fairer access?

Yes. In leagues that use restricted free agents any free agent that is awarded a new position will be made a restricted free agent for a one day period.

If you're in a PLUS league that doesn't want to follow these rules your league manager can manually adjust any players' restricted free agent status by going to Tools > Edit Restricted Free Agents.

Can I suggest some changes?

You may, but position changes are provided by AFL Fantasy based on official tracking data. We will be applying the position changes provided to us and won't be deviating from this list.

What's the maximum number of positions a player can earn?

Two. So even if a B/C has been playing primarily as a forward we will not award them forward eligibility because they are already eligible for two positions.

Where can I view a list of the positions changes?

A list of all changes made since the start of the season is available from Players > Position Changes or can be accessed here.

What if our league doesn't agree with the positions changes?

You can either Lock Original Positions as mentioned above, or alternatively use the Edit Player Positions tool available to PLUS leagues to customise player positions on an individual basis.

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