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Player Position Changes

  • Players are reviewed after every three rounds to determine if they have been primarily playing in a position that they are not already eligible for in Ultimate Footy.
  • If this is the case, a player positional change may be made.
  • Check back after rounds 3, 6 and 9 to see what changes have been made.
  • For full details and criteria used check the Position Changes help section.
Date Player Action Change
Jun 24 B. McEvoy HW - B,R   Added B
Jun 24 B. Long SK - B,F   Added B
Jun 24 R. Conca FR - B,C   Added B
Jun 24 L. Weller GC - B,C   Added C
Jun 24 J. Bowes GC - B,C   Added B
Jun 24 B. Bewley FR - C,F   Added C
Jun 24 B. Cox FR - B,F   Added B
Jun 24 S. Burgoyne HW - B,F   Added F

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